Flowcharts, tickboxes and more

Expanding on the idea of improving my focus as the sim provider on measurable objectives, I have been thinking about how I write scenarios and looking at how others do it. I recently came across two disparate but well done examples.  the flowchart idea is from the Oxford Deanery simulation scenarios, using flow charts to give options about how easy to hard the scenario progresses to.


The other detailed tickbox approach which uses an internal cascade of modifiers and triggers is from emsimcases.  Is this approach too cluttered – the OCD part of me likes the many tickboxes to ensure I am assessing objectives as ways of measuring progress towards the goals of the simulation. This is a link to their blank template.


Encouragingly both of these cases are available as a creative commons licence – great work FOAMed teams!


Author: gpsimulation

urban general practitioner in Melbourne, Australia

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