Objectives in scenarios

With a recent scenario we realised in debrief that we are not using PPE.  Participants are not putting on gloves or glasses before engaging in the scenario.  I then realised on reflection that as the sim provider, I am not identifying this in the scenario and the reason I am not identifying this is poor creation of objectives in the sim scenario.  Goals are the attainable, relevant aims for the scenario. Objectives are the measurable items that confirm the goals are being attained.  I have also seen this called “expected care”, such as in this template for scenario design from SMACC Chicago 2015. gant-nitrile

This then flows onto other items in the scenario, time to CPR, time to AED, checking pad contact and other markers of quality care.  Especially as an occasional sim provider,  creation of checklists in the scenario writing should help me ensure we are actually meeting goals and then objectives.

In scenarios from the simtech, objectives are further broken down into Knowledge/Skills/Attitude & Behaviours.  This seems like a great approach however a significant ramp up in being able to observe and record this all across a scenario.

Thinking about this more overnight, I also need to bring in different objectives for different members of the team.  Being medical, this is my focus however integration with goals/objectives for reception and nursing would make this work more applicable to them and hopefully foster engagement.


Author: gpsimulation

urban general practitioner in Melbourne, Australia

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