in situ simulation as orientation

One powerful facet of in situ simulation that self-evidently cannot be done elsewhere is orientation to a new practice/clinic. Today I was covering foreign body removal with the two new registrars who have just rotated in to our clinic one week ago.

Rather than collect all the items needed for the tutorial myself,  it is more useful for them to find the eye box, loupe, amethocaine, flouroscein and bring them to the room. Then run through the examination, foreign body removal and disposition as a short scenario with a debrief. Now the registrar has had some practice on a task trainer and is orientated to the practice resources.

The eyes in place, last piece of tape about to be applied

The task trainer was made with peeled grape eyes with 100’s & 1000’s (cake sprinkles) as FB that leach out a food colouring “rust ring”.  The grapes were held in place with modelling clay and tape.  The tape has been partially folded back on itself to create an eyelid that can be everted. Ey1


Author: gpsimulation

urban general practitioner in Melbourne, Australia

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