Nursing and Medical Students in interdisciplinary simulations – a good paper

One of the benefits of ISS I appreciate in general practice is getting GP’s and registrars working with the practice nurse, reception staff in an impromptu multi-disciplinary team when we practice our simulations.  This is quite the difference from often working away in our own areas of the practice, interacting only on single tasks.


This study from Sweden was conducted with simulation laboratory sessions involving both nursing and medical students concurrently.  Scenarios were common ward problems – confusion, breathing problems and vasovagals with the two groups having to work together.  Their debrief flow was vent / what went well / what did not go well / what to change, so a sort of Pendelton’s sandwich however with that vent at the front to get all the jumbled thoughts and feelings out first.  I plan to try this next time with explicitly asking learners to ‘vent” at the start of the debrief and then use a more structured debrief (I tend to use diamond).


Author: gpsimulation

urban general practitioner in Melbourne, Australia

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