SimMon wifi monitor

As per a prior post, a lot of the time, there is no need for a “real” simulated monitor for in situ sim, for the simple reason most of us don’t use them in day to day practice.  However some centres do have them in their procedure bay and so when providing in situ sim at one such place, I did need to step up to a master/slave wifi monitor.

Tim Leeuwenberg has a great review about various options here.

I did trial the SimMonitor initially which is low cost at $AUD20 and connected easily between slave (display) and master(sim educator) iPads.  However I felt that the controls were fiddly, I could not work out how to turn of options that we don’t use in GP (ETCO2) and had to trial black tape on the slave iPad screen to only display pulse, SpO2 and BP.

SimMon running on a small iPad, unable to turn off ECG trace, ETCO2 trace. (Maybe just me, but SimMonitor would not rotate with the screen – only worked in landscape).  There is black tape over parts of the screen to hide displayed items not needed – temp/BGL/GCS/tests


I then purchased the SimMon app at $AUD35 and have found this easier to configure to look like a simple GP  SpO2/BP/HR monitor. It is just as easy to connect between the two iPads and has similar functionality in terms of SpO2 sounds with some added options – poor SpO2 probe connection.

SimMon running on small iPad, taped to real monitor

A iPad tip: You only need to purchase the app once on one iPad or iPhone and as long as they are registered to the same user, you can download to both iPads for the one cost.  If you are using iPads registered to different users, you can do the same if they are linked as family sharing. SimMon worked for me on a very old iPad2, iPad mini 2 and iPhone 4 and 5.


Author: gpsimulation

urban general practitioner in Melbourne, Australia

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