GP sim monitor simulation

In only one of the GP clinics I have worked in has there been a stand alone observations monitor with Auto-BP, SaO2, Temp and three lead ECG, such as these typical GE Datex units:datex

uncommon in general practice

Usually these are separate machines – the desktop sphygmomanometer, fingertip SaO2 monitor, 12 lead ECG.   For the all-in-one monitor, there are excellent simulation options available, usually using a iPad/Android pad to replicate the monitor face with the display being controlled remotely by wire or bluetooth from another iPad.  There is an older 2014 review of these units by Tim Leeuwenberg from Kangaroo Island here.

So how to maintain some fidelity with the day to day tools of general practice? My very simple approach is this:img_3664

So low-moderate fidelity –  it looks like the normal desktop spygmo however the simulation provider needs to change out the paper images as the observations change.

I made a set for the sphygmo and the finger-tip sats monitor.


So – a little clunky to swap the numbers out on the sphygmo which must interfere with the fiction contract a little however a very low cost, unbreakable, unflattenable option for insitu general practice sim.

Here is the Omron blank to use:omronblank

and the sats probe blank:


And here is a zip with all image files in.

Thoughts? Too cheap and low-fi? Appropriate tech?






Author: gpsimulation

urban general practitioner in Melbourne, Australia

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